Feb 21 • 59M

EP38: Cross Asset Correlations, Bitcoin Trading as Risk, and the Macro Environment

Joe Consorti

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Navigating The Noise is a podcast dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional financial markets and crypto markets. In each episode, I look to discuss how monetary technologies like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are evolving the underlying rails of the existing financial system.
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Welcome to Navigating Bitcoin’s Noise, the podcast where we cut through the clutter and bring you the most insightful perspectives in the world of #Bitcoin.

I’m your host, Kane McGukin, and in this episode, we have a special guest, Joe Consorti, from The Bitcoin Layer.

Today Joe will be sharing his macro views and theories on why Bitcoin has been trading as a risk asset. He’ll be diving deep into the impact of Bitcoin’s small liquidity profile and how that translates to its heavy correlation with equities.

But that’s not all - Joe’s insights go beyond just Bitcoin. He’ll be providing valuable knowledge on cross asset correlations, Bitcoin’s informational arbitrage, and the unique circumstance of a long volatility asset trading as a short vol asset.

If you’re looking to gain a better understanding of Bitcoin’s past, and its future potential as an economic network, then this is the episode for you. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of Bitcoin with Joe Consorti on Navigating Bitcoin’s Noise.

Additional topics covered: Getting Comfortable with Risk taking bitcoin: the ability to opt-outThe power of an infinitely scarce assetBitcoin and the impact of liquidity facilities

Joe Consorti

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoeConsorti

The Bitcoin Layer: https://thebitcoinlayer.substack.com/

Kane McGukin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanemcgukin

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