Jan 31 • 45M

Namcios on Bitcoin Self-Custody

Wallets, Exhanges, and Brazil's BTC Bill

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Navigating The Noise is a podcast dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional financial markets and crypto markets. In each episode, I look to discuss how monetary technologies like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are evolving the underlying rails of the existing financial system.
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In this episode of Navigating Bitcoin’s Noise, I am joined by Namcios who is a writer and reporter for Bitcoin Magazine. In our conversation, we unwrap Bitcoin basics, wallets, exchanges, and self-custody. We discuss the trade-off between security and convenience that comes with storing Bitcoin. Additionally, we discuss the recent Brazilian Bitcoin Bill that was fast tracked because of the FTX fallout.

If you’re looking to better understand bitcoin’s past and its future potential as an economic network, then join us and listen in.

Kane McGukin

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